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Fillings and Restorative Dentistry


Sometimes, cavities develop in our teeth. When the cavities are small, we can fix them with tooth colored fillings called composite restorations. Composite filling material comes in many different colors and shades, allowing us to place fillings that blend seemlessly into your natural teeth!


Cavities are formed by a type of bacteria that naturally occurs in everybody's mouth. These bacteria, or "Sugar Bugs", grown and produce acidic by products in the presence of sugars that we love to eat. Sugars are in many types of food and drinks: candy, sweets, soft drinks, carbohydrates, bread, ect. These cavity casuing bacteria use the sugars in our food to produce an acidic by product that eats away and erodes the protective outer covering of our teeth called enamel. Underneath the layer of enamel is a different material of tooth called dentin. Dentin is a more porous and softer material. Dentin is cavity food. When the bacteria erodes through the protective enamel and enters the softer dentin, the cavities rapidly spread and get bigger! Once the cavities enter the dentin, we need to place a filling. During a filling procedure, we remove the cavity affected portion of the tooth and replace that area with a tooth colored filling material called composite. The filling procedure fixes the tooth just like new! No more sugar bugs, which makes us and the tooth happy!

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