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Full and Partial Dentures in Memphis

At Wohrman Dental, taking care of your smile is our top priority. Our caring and dedicated team members are proud to offer a full lineup of denture services to keep you feeling confident every day. For patients that already use partial or full dentures in Memphis, Wohrman Dental Group can provide timely and effective denture repairs whenever they’re needed. Denture repairs can include anything from a single tooth replacement to work that needs to be done on the entire denture frame.


Cracks and chips can happen to dentures as a result of accidental drops. When this is the case, our team is on hand to provide timely and efficient repairs. We can even help with cleaning and polishing to add extra sparkle to your smile.

Whether you wear full dentures or a partial framework, you’ll likely find yourself in need of relining at some point. Over time, gums and bone structure can change shape naturally. These changes can lead to ill-fitting dentures.  


At Wohrman Dental, we help those who wear dentures in Memphis by performing relining whenever it’s required. We perform both hard and soft relines on full and partial dentures. While hard relines allow us to take a putty mold of the gums to create a sturdy acrylic replica, soft relines result in a softer final denture that helps our patients to avoid sores.

Patients that are looking for partial dentures in Memphis come to us for help filling in gaps in their teeth or providing additional support within the mouth. Partial dentures can make it easier for patients to chew and speak while simultaneously keeping other teeth from shifting over time. Patients have the option to pick and choose from partial dentures that are fixed or removable.


Individuals who need full dentures in Memphis benefit from a full arch of teeth to replace a vast majority that are missing. This may be the result of severe gum disease, natural aging, or a jaw injury.  At Wohrman Dental, we can easily design full dentures that not only look natural but are also extremely comfortable. We work closely with our patients to make sure that their full dentures are durable enough to keep up with their lifestyle.


Dentures and Partials with Wohrman Dental


Tooth loss can be a devastating experience, especially when you lose multiple teeth.  It can not only impact normal function, including your ability to eat and speak, but it can dramatically change your appearance and damage your self-esteem.  The good news is, you don’t have to succumb to partial or complete tooth loss.

With help from the caring and qualified team at Wohrman Dental Group, you can regain your smile, improve oral function, and boost confidence in as little as a day, with same-day dentures.  We’re pleased to offer both partial and full dentures in Memphis, ensuring that every patient has access to solutions that meet their particular needs.  What are partial and full dentures and how do they differ?

Partial dentures are false teeth attached to a flexible gum-colored acrylic base.  The custom plate is removable and it comfortably clips into place on the gums and adjacent teeth, similar to a retainer worn after orthodontic braces are removed.


Partial dentures are used to replace several missing teeth in a row.  Whether you’ve lost teeth to accident, injury, illness, or other causes, the last thing you want is a large gap between remaining teeth, as this can lead to misalignment from adjacent teeth leaning into the gap, or even ongoing dental health issues, and possibly further tooth loss.

Full dentures are similar, but they’re used to replace an entire row of missing teeth along the upper or lower jaw, or both.  They are typically secured by a denture adhesive that provides lasting hold throughout the day, although modern techniques also allow for implants (usually four, placed along the jawline) designed to anchor full denture plates securely without the need for adhesive.

At Wohrman Dental Group, our goal is always to improve oral health, dental function, and confidence in your appearance.  With suitable dentures, you can restore your dazzling smile after tooth loss and eat, drink, talk, and laugh knowing that no one is the wiser.

Which Type of Dentures are Right for Me?

When you decide that dentures in Memphis are the ideal solution for tooth loss, you might think it’s as easy as choosing a partial denture to replace a few missing teeth or a full denture to replace and entire row of teeth.

However, you must first consider the cause of your tooth loss and whether it’s likely that you’ll lose more teeth as a result of, say, dental decay or ongoing illness.  If so, you may want to skip months or years of oral pain and limited function, extracting remaining teeth and choosing full instead of partial dentures.  The experts at Wohrman Dental Group are always available to discuss your options so you can make the best decisions regarding your oral health.

Signs You May Need Dentures

There are a variety of indicators that can point to the fact that a person may benefit from dentures. Noticeable gaps between the teeth, shifting teeth, or loose teeth are all signs that it may be time to inquire about dentures in Memphis.

Individuals who are missing one or more teeth due to gum disease, an accident, or decay often find that they’re ideal candidates for partial dentures in Memphis. Chronic toothaches or red, swollen, tender, or even bleeding gums may be a sign that it’s time to invest in full dentures that can eliminate pain and incorporate comfort back into life.


Benefits of Choosing Dentures in Memphis

Dentures are only one option when it comes to replacing missing teeth.  What makes them better than other solutions, like dental implants?  The main reason you might choose dentures is that they provide a non-invasive means of replacing lost teeth, with no surgical procedures involved, and they can be fitted immediately, while dental implants could require several months of surgical procedures and recovery.

In addition, each tooth will require an individual implant, which can get pricey if you’re replacing several or all of your teeth.  Considering you can also choose a hybrid option, with just a few implants to securely support a denture plate, there are a lot of reasons to lean toward dentures as a permanent tooth replacement solution.  That said, getting full or partial dentures in Memphis will not help to stop your jaw bone from receding, as implants do, which could mean that you need periodic adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for dentures.

You’ll simply have to consider all your options and choose the tooth replacement solution that best suits your needs and preferences.  The knowledgeable and experienced team at Wohrman Dental Group is always available to address your questions and concerns so you can make informed decisions about your oral health.

Convenient Same-Day Dentures

Traditionally, patients that have to undergo tooth extraction before receiving dentures experience a waiting period, intended to allow the jaw and soft tissue adequate time to heal.  During this time, custom dentures are created using impressions, or molds, taken after tooth extraction.


However, the recovery period could take up to 8-12 weeks, and many patients simply can’t bear to go about their normal daily activities with teeth missing, especially if gaps include highly visible front teeth.  Because our smiles are such an important part of social interactions, you may naturally feel embarrassed or uncomfortable smiling or socializing with missing teeth.

This is why Wohrman Dental Group is pleased to offer same-day dentures, delivering instant results that allow you to resume your regular life without interruptions.  Instead of waiting days or weeks between the extraction and denture fitting process, we’ll take impressions before extracting teeth and use the molds to create your custom dentures.  When the process is complete, you’ll come in for an appointment to extract teeth and fit your new dentures.

This allows you to begin learning to eat and speak with your new teeth immediately.  However, you will still have to recover from tooth extraction, so it’s crucial to follow post-operative instructions diligently.  In addition, you can expect some recession of the jaw bone and gums after the extraction process, so you’ll likely have to go through some adjustments down the road to ensure comfortable and securely fitted denture plates.

How do Dentures Work?

By and large, dentures work the same as your normal teeth.  However, because they are removable, they may shift during eating.  For this reason, you’ll want to avoid hard, tough, or sticky foods, such as carrots, popcorn, tough meats, candy, caramel, and more.  Many of your favorite foods can still be enjoyed if you cut them into small pieces for easier chewing.


What Are Dentures Made From?

Whether you’re looking into full or partial dentures in Memphis, understanding their structure can make the process easier. The materials used to create dentures have to deliver durability and natural-looking results. The bases of the dentures are generally gum-colored and coated with either acrylic or plastic. The artificial teeth attached to the base are typically constructed from a porcelain and acrylic mix. This combination of materials is relatively easy to maintain and clean.

Basic Denture Care

Dentures are a significant investment for many people, so knowing how to take care of them is important when you want to extend their lifespan and keep them looking great. On average, dentures can last up to 20 years before they need to be fully replaced.

Dentures must be cleaned thoroughly and daily to remove food particles and avoid bacteria build-up in the mouth. Air exposure can warp dentures so it’s important to cleanse them overnight in a denture cleaning solution while avoiding hot water at all times. A specialized denture-cleaning toothbrush and toothpaste are recommended for daily cleansing, as well. Whenever you’re handling your dentures, be sure to do so with a soft cloth to avoid cracks, drops, or scuffs.

Maintaining Oral Health with Dentures

Keeping up oral hygiene is important for everyone. However, those who wear dentures need to pay extra close attention to their cleansing regimen to avoid bacteria build-up and potential infections. Those who wear removable dentures will need to add gum, palate, and tongue brushing into their daily routine. Using a soft brush is recommended as this is gentle on soft tissues, while still removing bacteria and plaque.

It’s also vital to continue to schedule regular dental check-ups. People who wear both partial and full dentures benefit from having a dentist examine the gums and jaw regularly to make sure that dentures continue to be well-fitted to the mouth. It’s also a chance for a dentist to examine the dentures for any potential cracks or damage points.

Getting Used to Wearing Dentures

After being fitted with dentures, patients can expect to experience mild discomfort for a few weeks or potentially months. Many people report excessive saliva flow and a feeling that their tongue doesn’t have the space it needs.

There’s no reason to worry because these experiences fade. Over time, you’ll get used to the feeling of your dentures and be able to speak, eat, and carry out daily activities with ease.


How Long Do Dentures Last?

With proper care, your dentures could last as long as 10-15 years, or even longer.  Implant-supported dentures could last 10-20 years or more.  Before you choose partial or full dentures in Memphis, take the time to discuss your options with the caring and experienced team at Wohrman Dental Group to ensure that you have the information you need to make the best possible decision for you.

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