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Cleanings and Check-Ups


Regular Dental Cleaning In Memphis

Good oral health is critical to the entire human body—not just your teeth, gums, and mouth. Staying on top of everyday cleaning is important in keeping your teeth in top condition. But even if you practice the most reliable daily routine, your teeth need more attention from time to time to make sure they stay in good shape.

Wohrman Dental Group takes care of your teeth with regular dental checkups and full cleanings. Our hygienists and dental professionals have served the Memphis community for years, helping our patients maintain excellent oral health and preventing issues before they even start. We provide thorough dental cleaning services with a high level of expertise and attention to all your concerns.

Why Getting A Regular Dental Check-up And Cleaning Is Important

Dentists and oral hygienists perform dental check-ups and cleanings for their patients. Complete dental cleaning and examination always include the following steps:

  • Thorough examination of the teeth, mouth, and gums

  • Removal of tartar, plaque, and calculus on the teeth and gum line

  • Cleaning teeth with deep-scrubbing toothpaste

  • Polishing Teeth

  • Flossing between teeth

  • Rinsing

Your dentist may also suggest taking x-rays of your teeth during a dental check-up, though it may only be necessary once a year.

We believe that attending regular dental check-ups is vital to maintaining oral health.  We recommend patients attend regular 6 month cleaning appointments. A dental professional always ensures you get a thorough cleaning with the most effective tools and products possible. These appointments help us to monitor the overall health of your teeth and gum tissue, and allow us detect and treat oral conditions before they turn into something bigger with more serious ramifications on your overall health.

Tartar removal is a major step in preserving oral health, and it can only happen at your dentist’s office; it’s a hard substance that can’t be removed at home with consumer-grade toothpaste and toothbrushes. When left untreated, tartar buildup can spread from your teeth to surfaces around your gum line, making regular brushing and flossing much more difficult. The bacteria in tartar and calculus can damage teeth’s enamel coating and lead to tooth decay, serious gum disease, and even deterioration of the supporting bone structure surrounding your teeth.


What To Expect From Wohrman Dental Group’s Checkup And Dental Cleaning In Memphis

A dental check-up at Wohrman Dental Group consists of:

  • Professional cleaning. We provide meticulous and complete cleaning and polishing of your teeth, including brushing, tartar scraping and flossing.

  • Full examination. We check for possible or developing dental issues and signs of periodontal disease and take an x-ray of your mouth and teeth if necessary.

  • Education on oral health care. We help you establish a routine for maintaining excellent oral health at home, including instructions for brushing and flossing, diet recommendations, and other steps.

  • Developing a treatment plan. We’ll draw up a plan of action for future visits to our office, advise you on suggested future treatments, or refer you to a specialist if needed.


Benefits Of A Regular Cleaning And Dental Check-up In Memphis

There’s no better way to preserve general oral health than a program of regular cleanings and dental checkups. Keeping a consistent schedule of professional dental care helps prevent or reduce some of the most common problems or symptoms related to oral health, including stained teeth, cavities, bad breath, dry mouth, gingivitis, and more. A dental cleaning is also the only effective way to remove tartar and calculus from your teeth and gums.

Your teeth play a key role in your body’s general health, and dental checkups also help to diagnose and treat issues that can grow into more major health problems if left unchecked. Researchers have shown that bacterial growth in the mouth can seep into your body’s bloodstream, which increases the risk of heart disease and strokes. Studies have also revealed that oral problems like gum disease and excessive tartar are correlated to conditions like diabetes and dementia.

While dental cleanings don’t cure those conditions in and of themselves, they can help mitigate your risks of developing them by keeping your teeth closely monitored and in good shape.


When You Should Have A Dental Check-up In Memphis

To maintain excellent oral health and prevent any issues from occurring, experts recommend that you have your teeth examined and cleaned by a professional dentist every six months.

Anytime you develop symptoms or just have concerns about your oral health, visiting Wohrman Dental Group is a good idea. If you experience toothaches, loose teeth, jaw pain, bleeding gums, dry mouth, or other related problems, your dentist should be able to help diagnose and treat the condition.

Regular visits to the dentist can also be part of your health maintenance plan for continuing medical conditions, such as heart disease, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or ongoing treatments like chemotherapy or hormone replacement.


What To Do Between Dental Cleanings And Check-ups

Wohrman Dental Group offers the most comprehensive and caring dental cleaning in Memphis. But between your regularly scheduled visits, it’s important to keep up a strong oral health routine on your own. Some of the most essential steps in everyday care for your teeth include:

  • Regular brushing at least twice a day. Doing so after every meal is especially helpful.

  • Flossing once a day. Whether after a meal or just before bedtime, flossing between teeth helps dislodge stuck food particles and curb plaque.

  • Using mouthwash. Mouthwash not only freshens your breath; it can also help stave off plaque buildup, strengthen enamel, and prevent cavities.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet. What you eat has a significant impact on your oral health. A diet rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C can be beneficial in the development of strong teeth and gum health.


Wohrman Dental Group’s professionals can offer you plenty of suggestions about the best practices in preserving and protecting your oral health. Talk to your dentist or hygienist at your regular dental check-up to learn how to take the best care of your teeth.

If it’s been a long time since your last dentist visit, Wohrman Dental Group makes it easy and comfortable to restart regular visits. Call us to make an appointment for a regular check-up and cleaning.

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