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Cleanings and Check-Ups


Cleanings and Dental Check-Ups every 6 months are very important for the health of your teeth and gums. During these visits, we will take digital xrays and clean and polish your teeth. These appointments help us to monitor the overal health of your teeth and gum tissue and allow us to catch any problems early, before they turn into larger dental issues. 


We recommend patients maintain regular 6 month cleaning appointments. At the cleaning appointments we skillfully remove calculus and tarar build up from your teeth and around your gums. These build ups occur naturally in everybody's mouth. We use specialized instruments and techniques to gently remove the harmful built up substance. Even the best at home brusing and flossing regime cannot effectivley combat the build up of tartar and calculus, which is why it's important to keep regular 6 month check-up and cleaning appointments. If left uncontrolled, the harmful tartar and calculus build ups can lead to inflamation of the gum tissue, destruction of the gum tissue, and even destruction and deterioration of the supporting bone structure surrounding your teeth. We most definately don't want that happening to our patients!!!! So make sure you come and hang out with us every 6 months!!

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